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Monday, August 30, 2010

Lodge 8 inch pro logic skillet

This is the Lodge 8 inch "pro logic" skillet, with sloped sides. It's discontinued.

Around 2004, Lodge started its "pro logic" line, which was slightly different shaped cookware.

The skillets had sloped sides and curved handles; The griddles and pots had a more modern look.

Lodge still makes the 10 and 12 inch pro logic skillets, but not this one.

And, Lodge still makes the "logic" line, which is traditional shaped cookware.

I like the sloped sides, and my 12 inch has become my "main workhorse", the one I reach for the most.

There's really no difference in functionality, between "logic" and "pro logic." It's just personal preference.

I'd sure like to get my hands on an 8 inch pro logic, though. I can't find one.

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