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Friday, August 6, 2010

Electric dutch oven? As in, cast iron crock pot?

This is a cast iron electric dutch oven. They were manufactured in Arkansas during the 70's by House of Webster. Only 70 were made.

I'm thankful to the owner of this piece, for her permission to post this photo!

It's literally a cast iron pot, with a removable plug on the side, like you see on electric skillets.

The same company also made electric cast iron skillets; Neither sold well.

I can see why, actually. Cast iron is camping gear, and there's no electricity outdoors. Also, it didn't heat up as fast as regular pots over a fire.

They do make "electric dutch ovens" today, called crock pots*. Not cast iron, of course.

*The owner stated that it's not exactly like a crock pot, since you can fry as well as slow cook in it.

I'd sure like the convenience of crock pot cooking with the taste of cast iron cooking... but I'm sure one of these would cost thousands.


  1. I have a large cast iron pot, model #76, the cord is missing.I have not used it. comments would be helpful.

  2. When you say, "Only 70 were made" are you talking about the deep skillet shown in the picture or an actual Dutch oven?

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