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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cuisinart cast iron line

Cuisinart has a line of pre-seasoned cast iron. There's a fajita pan, a grilling pan, and a pizza pan.

They boast "innovative flavor slots designed to help remove excess grease and fat."

Of course, because of the "flavor slots", these pans should not be used on the stovetop. They're meant for use on the barbecue grill.

You can use them to grill fish, veggies, and other things that could fall through grates on a grill; Or, to bake pizza on the grill.

I didn't find any customer reviews, although Cuisinart is a reputable brand for kitchenware.

I do know that any cast iron skillet or griddle can be used on the grill for the same purposes. Although the "flavor slots" are a neat idea.

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