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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cast iron mortar and pestle

This is a cast iron mortar and pestle. The brand is Typhoon, and it's over $50 with shipping.

None are made by a brand I trust, but this one has good reviews, except for one complaint about rust, which may or may not be from negligence.

America's Test Kitchen recommends it, reporting that its rough surface allows for faster grinding.

I read online about using the Lodge serving kettle as a mortar, while using a different material pestle. An idea, if you're strictly Lodge loyal.

I've never used a mortar and pestle. I know they're used for grinding spices, mashing garlic, and making / serving guacamole.

I also know they come in different materials, such as wood, ceramic, marble, granite, and cast iron. Reportedly, granite or cast iron is best.

I suppose if I ever have a need for a mortar and pestle, but so far I have not...

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