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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cast iron "crackling pot"

This is a 5 gallon cast iron "crackling pot". They are sold in South Louisiana.

Actually, you can cook anything you want in it, but it's marketed as a pot to cook cracklings in.

What are cracklings? I've never tried them, and never will. It's fried pork fat, and considered a delicacy in cajun country.

Sounds disgusting to me.

It's different from the pork rinds you buy at the supermarket; Those are just fried pork skins. Cracklings is fried pork fat, with skin attached.

If you'd like to try cracklings, there are detailed instructions on how to make them here.

It's probably better to make cracklings outside, since it seems to be a messy process.

The recommended cut is "pork belly" and has to be ordered from a local butcher.

I've been told that it tastes like fatty bacon. I'll take their word for it. You can have all the cracklings you want; I'll pass!

Here's another interesting cracklings page.

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