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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The 12 quart oval roaster

This is a 12 quart oval roaster, by Bayou Classic.

Now, Bayou Classic outdoor burners are far superior to King Kooker brand. I've had both, and the King Kooker fell apart after one year; The burner snapped off.

But I've also experienced Bayou Classic cookware, and unfortunately its quality falls short.

It was pitted in some places, and after a while, I thought it was making the food taste funny.

Consumers have reported that the lid on this roaster doesn't fit very well.

They do make HUGE sized cast iron pots, though, that are not made by any brand I trust, and are at least better than King Kooker's pots (which are not really cast iron, and say so in small print).

So, while I generally do not recommend Bayou Classic cast iron, if you need a very large pot (I'm talking gallons), at least they are real cast iron, albeit not great quality.

I actually have a story about this roaster.

I was just learning about outdoor cooking, and had just bought my first outdoor burner. The manual had some recipes: One called for a cast iron skillet, and one called for a 12 quart cast iron pot.

So while shopping, I seriously considered this roaster. It was 12 quarts, and I figured I could use it uncovered as a skillet too.

I had not yet realized that I'd be using cast iron for a lot more than power outages!

This roaster is too large for an electric stovetop, and at 20 inches might not fit in all ovens. It's mostly for outdoor use.

Since it's marketed as a "stovetop oven", maybe it's fine on a gas stove with a large burner.

It reportedly can cook an 18 pound turkey, as well as slow cook meats, stews, gumbo and chili.

I'm not sure what size Lodge camp oven would cook an 18 pound turkey, but I do know that the 15 inch skillet roasts a 14 pound turkey in the oven!

The 9 quart pot also can roast a small turkey.

Lodge sells regular pots up to 9 quarts, and camp ovens up to 12 quarts.


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