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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Lodge chef skillet

This is the Lodge chef skillet. It's 10 inches and has sloped sides. It's meant for sauteing meats and veggies, and cooking omelets.

It's very similar to the Lodge 10 inch pro logic skillet*, but it's wider and more shallow.

*The Lodge pro logic skillets have sloped sides, and are different from the regular skillets; Neither are better than the other-- just personal preference.

The chef skillet can be used as a pie pan, in a pinch, although it's a slightly different shape. Actually, the 9 inch skillet is a perfect shape for pie.

It's perfect for preparing ingredients for fajitas.

I like to use this pan for side dishes, like potatoes au gratin. Usually I make the boxed variety, but sometimes I make the real thing:

Cube some velveeta*. Melt the cheese in the pan and mix in some milk. Sour cream is optional.

*Actually I prefer white american cheese to velveeta now. Use white american cheese.

Add sliced potatoes. Top with parmesan cheese. Bread crumbs are optional. Into the oven at 400.

The same can be done for real macaroni and cheese, except you use macaroni instead of potatoes.

No more teflon flakes in your scrambled eggs!

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