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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can you use two wonder skillets as a pie iron?

This is a pie iron.

They come in different shapes, and are used for making sandwiches and all kinds of cool stuff.

I pondered for two years, whether or not you can use two wonder skillets on the stovetop as a pie iron.

You know, heat both of them on the stove, then put one on top of the other and cook?

But until now, I never had two wonder skillets to check if that was possible.

My conclusion was, sort of, but not really.

Since this was an experiment, and since I've never actually used a pie iron before, I decided to go with the most simple pie iron recipe: a grilled cheese sandwich.

Until I realized that I didn't have any cheese, so I went with grilled peanut butter and jelly.

Just butter two slices of bread (for the outside), and then put peanut butter and jelly on it.

I heated both wonder skillets on the stove, then put the sandwich in one of them.

I quickly found out that the other skillet will not fit on top of the first one, if the handles are on the same side. The handles have to be on different sides, as shown above.

Needless to say, that makes it very awkward to flip, especially when it's hot, over a flaming gas burner.

The sandwich turned out fine, but if you want to do real "pie iron cooking", then use the right tool for the job, which is a real pie iron.

This isn't the first time I've tried to rig up things.

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