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Friday, October 8, 2010

Two more ways to cook baked chicken

Baked chicken is a no-brainer. Season or marinate it with whatever you want; Into the oven at 350.

There are literally thousands of possibilities. Here are two I tried last night:

1. Marinate chicken pieces in ranch dressing.

This made the chicken moist, but not as much ranch flavor as I'd hoped for. Next time I'll add dried ranch dressing mix before adding the dressing.

2. Brush chicken pieces with honey. Add ground cloves, ginger, crushed red peppers, black pepper.

This gave the chicken a "sweet and spicy" taste.

I baked them both at the same time.

That's the advantage of having multiple small pans. You can cook multiple variations at once.

I've made up to four different ones before!

It should be noted, that one of the pans I used, was the pan I normally cook salmon in.

And once again, no lingering fish flavor that was noticeable to me.

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