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Thursday, October 28, 2010

sunny side up eggs

Just for grins, I decided to try sunny side up eggs the other day.

I had not had them in over 30 years, if at all. I've asked for "flip it over eggs" since I was five.

So I didn't know they are very different in consistency and taste, than flipped eggs.

Not only is the yellow runny, the white is too.

Yuck, actually.

I would expect such a consistency from poached eggs, which is why I don't eat them. Not fried!

Apparently, sunny side up eggs have declined in popularity because of salmonella concerns.

They aren't fully cooked, because they are only cooked on one side.

I wondered if you could fully cook sunny side up eggs, without burning the bottom.

So I decided to try in a skillet with a preheated lid. Melt the butter in the skillet, add the eggs, cover.

I figured the egg would be basted in its own butter.

Yes, they most definitely cooked all the way-- the way fried eggs should be-- without flipping.

Since sunny side up eggs have a similar consistency to poached eggs, you can enjoy "hot buttered eggs" without the hassle of poaching.

How do you make hot buttered eggs? Poach eggs and slather them with butter.

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