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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Lodge round bottomed straight kettle - discontinued

This was the Lodge round bottom straight kettle.

It's discontinued. I can see why, since it was designed for cooking in a fireplace or on a wood / coal stove, and few consumers still do.

The feet are too short to effectively use over coals, yet enough to hinder use on a gas or electric stove.

In the 80's and 90's, Lodge marketed it for use on a campfire tripod.

These kettles were different from the flat bottom straight kettles, which had no feet and could be used on the stove.

A round bottom makes it easier to stir stews, than a flat bottom.

Both the round and flat bottom kettles have also been called "bean pots".

In any case, there's nothing you can cook in a straight kettle, that you can't cook in a dutch oven.

The kettles were shaped taller and more narrow than dutch ovens, because they were meant for simmering things slow and long, such as beans. Hence being called a "bean pot."

You can certainly do that in a dutch oven, but being taller and more narrow, you don't have to use as much heat, and it's more fuel efficient.

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