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Friday, October 15, 2010

Lodge pro logic round griddle - discontinued

This was the Lodge pro logic 12 inch round griddle. It didn't stay on the market very long.

It could be used as a "medium" pizza pan, as opposed to the Lodge pizza pan for a large pizza, or the 10 1/2 inch griddle for a small.

The pro logic 12 inch square griddle is quite popular, and apparently outsold this one.

This griddle is not to be confused with the 10 1/2 inch griddle, which is commonly sold, and doesn't have the curved handle nor the assist handle.

Consumers report a number of problems with this model:

1. Cooking bacon is awkward, due to its shape. The square griddle is better for bacon.

2. On an electric stove, the edges don't get hot enough.

The proposed solutions are to preheat on low heat, and to rotate the food while cooking (more cooked to edge, less cooked to center).

3. There was a casting defect that caused it to wobble.* It would not sit level on any surface, which caused uneven heating.

*I'm thinking that was just a defective pan, because I've obtained one of these griddles, and it seems fine.

The 12 inch square griddle is one of my most used pans. I use it as a "cookie sheet" for cooking anything that can be cooked in the oven.

The square griddle also has issues with corners not getting hot enough on an electric stove*, but preheating the pan and rotating the food usually takes care of that.

*That's not so much an issue on a gas stove, which has better heat distribution.


  1. I have this one and love it. It stays on the back middle burner (5 burner gas stove) almost all the time. Pancakes, grilled cheese, fried eggs, warming tortillas, many other uses. On mine the patina is so rich that I can fry an egg without any oil.

    I don't use it for anything that splatters much (like bacon) because without sides it really makes a mess.

  2. cool! I've found a couple of websites that have these listed, and I've emailed them to verify that this is indeed what they are selling (since it's been discontinued for over a year) but I've got no response.

    My square griddle of the same size gets a lot of use, though.

  3. I was actively seeking one of those about a year ago, and couldn't find one... I wanted a "medium" pizza pan.

    I already have a large (the Lodge pizza pan) and a small (the Lodge 10 inch round griddle).

    Emerilware sells a 13 inch pizza pan, but for more $$ than I want to pay.

    But I do have a 12 inch skillet, and the square griddle, so those are just as useful.