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Monday, October 11, 2010

John Wright Animal Puzzle Mold

This is a John Wright Animal Puzzle Mold.

It was made in 1984, and was meant to mold candy into various animal shapes.

I guess you could also make animal shaped brownies, cake or cornbread too.

The animal shapes were rhino, hippo. walrus, tiger, bear, elephant, camel, lion, duck, deer, and buffalo.

Advertising indicated that the shapes would "delight your family and friends."

I don't personally see much use for this pan, and apparently not many people did.


  1. I have one of these but it's rusty. Tried an SOS pad. Looks worse. Any advice?

  2. I used a tooth brush and qtips to get the majority of the rust or. Baked it for 20 minutes then sprayed with oil. It looks way better.

  3. I have one and by no means an expert. The instructions do warn against using anything abrasive.