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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Huge skillet made in Germany

Many thanks to the owner of this photo for permission to post!

This photo was taken at the Australian Camp Oven Festival. Which I could not attend; It was way out of my swimming range.

I'm not sure what the diameter or volume of this skillet is, but it sure is huge.

It originated in Germany, for use at beer festivals and Oktoberfests.

That lid looks like it was made out of a plow disc.

I couldn't get a picture with the lid off, but this skillet is divided, so you can cook two dishes at once.

This skillet is owned by a group called the potjiekos brothers cooking team, and was made in 1930.

Potjiekos is South African stew.

It's set on a huge metal trivet, over coals.

Here in cajun country, we use propane burners that look a lot like that trivet.


  1. My wife would kill me if I brought that home :) but it would be sooo cool to have for gatherings :)

  2. Yeah, my husband too... or he'd make me cook him something in it, but I wouldn't mind that...

  3. What is the skillet called is there a German name for it. I want to buy one as it would be cool to cook in for a BBQ.

  4. I'm not really sure what it's called exactly or where to get one... I wish I knew...