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Monday, October 18, 2010

Your camp oven cooking equipment kit

I haven't actually used my rigged up camp oven yet, but I have set up my camp oven cooking kit.

Welding gloves, lid lifter, lid stand, chimney starter, whisk broom*, metal tongs**, lighter.

*Make sure it's a CORN HUSK whisk broom. Not plastic!

**The metal tongs are for handling the coals, not the food.

The chimney starter was made out of a coffee can. Disposable aluminum pans for lighting coals.

Because I don't have a real camp oven, I also got some chain to hold coals on the lid, and this trivet.

All this went into a backpack, that is now my camp oven cooking kit.

I'm using patio stones on a regular table*; A camp oven table should have a windshield, but I haven't figured out how I'm going to rig that up yet**.

*The bottom of the table got pretty hot, even with patio stones. Next time I'll set it on cinder blocks.

**A large round metal pan and some sheet metal to form a cylinder should work.

You need charcoal and lighter fluid*. Kingsford brand is recommended; Do not use self lighting, because it burns out quicker.

*I was told that you can put crumpled newspaper at the bottom of the chimney starter and you don't need lighter fluid. I haven't tried that yet.

Now GET out there and start cooking already!!!

This kit does not include the usual cooking utensils that you also need, and paper towels.

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