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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The cast iron oyster roaster

Unfortunately I could not find a picture of a cast iron oyster roaster. That's how rare they are.

I'm told they resemble a waffle iron; two star shaped, hinged pieces that come together, with spaces to hold six oysters.

Roasted oysters are traditionally a delicacy in Low Country (South Carolina coast).

You place fresh, unshelled oysters in the roaster and hold it over heat until they open.

Then you serve them on the half shell.

Only fresh, unshelled oysters will work. Don't roast too long because they'll dry out.

If you can't get an oyster roaster, it can be done on a rack over an open fire.

Or on the BBQ grill, even though that's technically grilling.

And if I ever find a picture, I'll post it here.

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