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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cast iron biscuit pan history

This is an old cast iron biscuit pan. The ones sold today have circle molds.

It's not to be confused with a gem pan, although you can certainly make gems in them.

Now, why would you need a biscuit pan? Can't you just bake biscuits on a cast iron griddle?

You could, but what I love about a biscuit pan, is that you don't have to roll and cut the biscuits. The molds shape the biscuits for you. Just mix the dough and drop it in.

Of course if you're making canned biscuits, that's not an issue. But canned biscuits are terrible compared to scratch (or bisquick)!

Others like that each biscuit has crustier edges, and they bake faster.

The biscuit pan was patented in 1859, when biscuits were made over an open fire.

It was much more convenient when cooking outside, than having to find a clean place to roll and cut dough!

It was also marketed as an "egg pan, for baking eggs", and a "cake baker."

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