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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The camp oven enhancement kit

This is a camp oven enhancement kit.

It's 14 inches and is supposed to fit the ultimate dutch oven, as well as the Camp Chef 14 inch deluxe camp oven, listed on the website as the 12 quart camp oven.***

***UPDATE: A consumer reported that it actually does not fit the 14 inch deluxe camp oven, as the website claims, but the 12 inch deluxe camp oven.

***The consumer also reported that it does not fit perfectly on the ultimate dutch oven either.

***Camp Chef better update their website to reflect this error, or they'll have unhappy customers.

It does not fit any Lodge camp ovens*, nor does it fit a Camp Chef regular 14 inch camp oven.

*So consequently I will not be getting one.

It's not cast iron, unfortunately. It's aluminum.

The bottom fits on the camp oven to serve as a lid.

The dome lid fits directly on the camp oven, and you can do "stack cooking."

You can use the bottom part as a griddle, or put the dome lid on top to bake something*.

*Be sure to put coals on top, or it won't work.

The dome lid can be flipped to use as a pot.

I think if it were cast iron instead of aluminum, it might be worth buying.

Here are some photos of it in use.

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