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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Lost Skillet

This is the Lodge 13 1/4 inch skillet, with a nice looking roasted chicken.

I call it "the lost skillet" because I don't have this size, nor can I come up with any reason to justify getting it. I wish I could*.

*Of course I can-- I love cast iron!

** And now I have a gas stove, so I have perfect reason.

See, on an electric stove, due to the size of the burners, 12 inches is the largest you should use. Which makes this skillet too big for the stovetop*, although it can be used in the oven and outdoors.

*Gas stoves, with bigger burners and better heat distribution, are fine for this skillet.

But I already have a 15 inch skillet for oven and outdoor use only. I really don't need another skillet that I can't use on the stove.

The skillet itself is $30, and the matching lid is $54. A bit much for the sake of completing a collection.

I just found the Lodge 9 quart dutch oven for $81; The lid is interchangeable with this skillet*. Again, at 13 1/4 inches, it's too big for an electric stovetop**.

*So for only $27 more, why not just get the pot?

**but once again, fine for a gas stovetop.

If only I had a gas stove, but I don't. So for now, this will remain "the lost skillet."*

*I have since obtained one; See my future article, "the new lost skillet".

As for what could be cooked in it... just about anything. If you want a big skillet, but 15 inches is too big, then this one's for you.

A 12 pound turkey can fit in this skillet.

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