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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Roasting turkey in a cast iron skillet???

When I wanted to try roasting turkey in a cast iron skillet, I searched online and found nothing on the subject. Maybe I'm the only one who dared to try it; I don't know.

I have a 15 inch skillet, which is too large to use on my electric stovetop. I'm sure it could be used on a gas stove with a double burner, but right now it's for outdoor or oven use only.

I bear you my testimony, that this skillet does fit a 14 pound turkey!

I've only done it twice, and while both were good, I have not yet perfected it.

I tried it stuffed using an aluminum foil tent, and stuffed using an oven bag. Next time, I'll try it unstuffed, using an oven bag, breast side down. I'm determined to find my favorite way to cook the perfect turkey.

To date, I have never experimented with injectable marinades, although a goal of mine is to practice on roasted chickens in the coming months.

How I normally flavor a turkey is to buy a Butterball-- It's GOT to be Butterball! Rub it with butter*, chicken granules**, black pepper, sage (or poultry seasoning), and seasoned salt.

*No, Butterball turkeys do not come already buttered. That's a myth. You still have to butter it.

**More recently I've replaced granules with "Better than Bouillon" bases, which are more flavorful and contain less sodium.

My other main use for this skillet, is my New Year's Eve tradition of making a large batch of chex mix.

I've also found it wonderful for making baked ziti! Since this skillet is so wide, I can spread out the ziti thinner, and it turns out crispy!

Lasagna would be great in it too.

And since I don't have a "fish pan" to fry a lot of fish or chicken outdoors, this skillet would suffice for that, although it's smaller.

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