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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The New "Lost Skillet"

If you're not a collector, this article will bore you.

I wrote a previous article about the Lodge 13 1/4 inch skillet, which I called "the lost skillet" because it was the only size I still did not have.

I finally bit the bullet and got one. It's the one pictured on the left.

The one on the right is the Lodge 12 inch skillet.

Decades ago, cast iron skillets were not sold by diameter, but by size number.

So the 13 1/4 inch skillet was called a #12, while the 12 inch was a #10.

The #11 skillet was approximately 12 1/2 inches. Those are no longer made.

A 1950's Lodge catalog did not include a #11, so they haven't been made in a while.

Due to the size of my stove burners, 12 inches is the maximum size I would use on my stovetop*. Anything larger than that is for oven or outdoor use.

*At the time, I had an electric stove. Gas stoves can handle larger skillets.

So I'm torn over whether or not I should hunt for a #11.

I absolutely don't need one, that's for sure.

Anything that could possibly be cooked in a #11, can be cooked in either of the two skillets pictured.

Eventually. For now, it shall remain the Lost Skillet.


  1. My translation of skillet looking at the photos is frying pan. I know those addicted with castironitis dont know the word "need" only "want" or "must have". On the other hand I am more practical and only "want" what I feel I "need" to cook with :) somehow even with this theory in mind I have ended up with far more than I require for two people :) I never stop looking for those elusive cast iron ovens/utensils that so far I havent found yet. Good luck in finding your "Lost Skillet".

  2. You're right, a skillet = frying pan, same thing. You can also roast or bake in the oven in a skillet.

    Really all you NEED is one skillet, one pot, and a griddle is nice to have too.

    But I can't think of a better thing to collect more and more of... :)

  3. I finally broke down and bought a lid for my Lodge #12 skillet, I love it when I'm making chicken and 40 cloves :)

  4. Yeah, the lid cost $54, but I'm contemplating just getting the 9 quart dutch oven, its lid fits that skillet, and it doesn't cost much more than just the lid alone!