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Saturday, June 11, 2011

re-thinking my strategy for eggs

This is the Lodge single burner reversible griddle, which I had never considered getting until this morning.

I posted previously about the Lodge 8 inch griddle, which is my designated "egg pan".

I talked about how it's best to choose one pan specifically for eggs.

I chose that pan for eggs because I had an electric stove with small burners, and that pan was just the right size to cover the burner without hanging over.

See, on a traditional electric stove, the burners aren't always level. So my eggs would always slide to the side of the pan. If the pan was bigger than the burner, then the side was not directly on the burner, and not as hot. What an aggravation!

(Yes, there was one large burner, but that was always being used for bacon while the eggs were cooking).

So for THAT stove, this pan was perfect for eggs.

But now I live in a new house with a gas stove. These burners are bigger, they're square, and they're always level.

As a result, I don't need such a small pan for my eggs anymore.

The above pan would perfectly fit the burners on my new stove.

I wouldn't use the grill side, as I already have a grill pan. Just the flat side for eggs.

Wait, don't you already have a double play griddle? Can't you just use that?

Yes, but just as with the large burner on my old stove... that's already being used for bacon!

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