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Friday, July 30, 2010

"NO set of cookware is worth $1400!"

Speaking with an Amway distributor, I asked him if Amway's 27 piece cookware set was actually worth what it retailed for, almost $1400.

He replied, "NO set of cookware is worth $1400!"

I won't bore you with the razzle-dazzle company sales pitch, complete with made-up words, about why they claim it's worth $1400.

But I will do a price comparison of what you get in this set, compared to its cast iron equivalent.

Keep in mind that Lodge lids are interchangeable. The lid for the 2 quart pot, fits the 8 inch skillet; The lid for the 3 quart pot, fits the 10 inch skillet; And the lid for the 7 quart pot, fits the 12 inch skillet. So you could have a lid for each item, but you can also share lids to save money and cabinet space.

Also keep in mind that, since cast iron is suitable for oven, stovetop, broiler, and outdoor use, each piece is actually a minimum of 2 in one.

2 quart saucepan with lid; Lodge 2 quart serving pot with lid, $30

3 quart saucepan with lid: Lodge 3 quart chicken fryer with lid, $29

8 quart pot with lid: Lodge 7 quart dutch oven with lid, $40. Lodge doesn't have an 8 quart pot*.

*Lodge does have a 9 quart pot; Its lid fits the 13 inch skillet.

8 inch fry pan with lid: Lodge 8 inch skillet, $11; 8 inch lid, $17

10 inch fry pan with lid: Lodge 10 inch skillet, $15; 10 inch lid, $15

12 inch fry pan with lid: Lodge 12 inch skillet, $19; 12 inch lid, $25

Now, the lids for the "pro logic" sloped skillets are different; They're slightly smaller. The regular lids do work for these skillets in a pinch, but if I need a lid, I just use the regular skillet.

2 quart saute pan with lid: Lodge 10 inch sloped "pro logic" skillet, $17; Lid, $20

3 quart saute pan with lid: Lodge 12 inch sloped "pro logic" skillet, $25; Lid, $30

Junior dome lid: This is a flat topped lid that you can set another piece on top of, for stack cooking. The Lodge 5 quart double dutch oven, for $42, has this kind of lid, which doubles as a skillet.

So far we're up to $335, assuming you want each to have its own lid. If you share lids, it's $228. And an extra 5 quart pot/skillet set to boot.

We're missing the senior dome lid, steamer insert, pasta draining insert, and 3 mixing bowls with plastic lids. These pieces don't have a cast iron equivalent, but I guarantee you will find 3 mixing bowls with lids, a steamer pot, and a pasta draining pot, for less than $1000!*

*Which still leaves us missing the senior dome lid. You can get a Lodge combo cooker, $28, which also has this type of lid, same size as the double dutch oven lid, with a panhandle. It won't be 2 different sizes, but you now have two "dome lids", and then an extra deep skillet to boot.

Now, the lid to the Lodge 4 quart "pro logic" dutch oven, which sells for $38, fits the 10 inch sloped skillet. So instead of buying just a lid for $20, you could have a whole pot for only $18 more.

Similarly, the lid for the Lodge 7 quart Pro Logic dutch oven, which is slightly different from the regular dutch oven and sells for $60, fits the 12 inch sloped skillet. A whole pot for only $30 more.

I didn't include the prices for the 9 quart pot, $81, and the 13 inch skillet, $35. Throw those in, and you still haven't reached $1400 yet.

I'd venture to say you could buy the entire Lodge line, and not yet have reached $1400!

This cookware set does not have a wok, griddle, pizza pan, roaster, grill pan, or any bakeware. For that kind of money, it doesn't seem to offer much.

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