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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cast iron rice cooker

Fooled you again. There are no "cast iron rice cookers," exactly.

Pictured above is the Lodge 2 quart Serving Pot, which is the perfect size for making rice.*

*Because of cast iron's seasoning, I'd recommend cooking rice in stock or broth, when using cast iron. For completely unseasoned white rice, I use a regular rice cooker.

It's sometimes called a "bean pot."

It's marketed as a "serving pot", for "table presentation of soups, stews, beans, and family favorites." It's actually a 2 quart dutch oven.

You can certainly use it as a serving pot if you want, but it has so much more uses than that.

Someone stated on Amazon that it's overkill to buy a pot just to reheat soup. But it's not just to reheat soup either-- use your imagination.

I originally got this to use as a "fry baby", not realizing it's too shallow for that purpose. Lodge no longer makes their "deep fry pot", unfortunately.

At 2 quarts, it's too small to cook a full meal for a family, but it's the perfect size for two people, side dishes, braised veggies, or desserts.

Some people use it to bake small loaves of bread; One consumer reported cooking rice and then pouring in a can of soup, for a simple meal.

The included lid fits the Lodge 8 inch skillet, as well as the discontinued deep fry pot.

This pot can be considered an 8 inch deep skillet, although it doesn't have a panhandle.

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