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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lodge double burner reversible grill/griddle

This is a Lodge double burner reversible grill/griddle. I don't have one.

It's meant to be used on two burners; Consumers report that the part over the burners gets too hot, while the middle doesn't get hot enough*.

*That is true on an electric stove. On a gas stove, that's not so much an issue.

The proposed solution is to preheat over low to medium heat until it's evenly heated.

Consumers have reported satisfaction with using this outdoors.

It would probably work well on a gas stove with a large center burner, or the oven.

One consumer complained that he couldn't cook eggs or pancakes due to the ridges. Um, you're supposed to use the other side for that.

Lodge also has a single burner reversible griddle. As stated in an earlier post, though, I'm not a big fan of reversible griddles, due to seasoning issues.

I would recommend a separate grill pan and griddle, single burner, myself.

Lodge has 3 different designs of this type of pan. The one pictured above is the "double play," which I suspect might be replacing the other two designs.

The other two designs are 20 inches, and too big to fit in some ovens.

The double play is 16 inches long.

Since I only have an electric stove, and these really aren't suited well for electric stoves, I won't be getting one any time soon. But if I ever get a gas stove, I'll surely try it.

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