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Sunday, June 5, 2011

practical use of the double burner griddle

Today was my first experience with a double burner griddle.

In a previous post I stated that these griddles were not recommended for use on electric stoves, and since that was the type I had at the time, I would not be getting one.

I now live in a new house, with a gas stove (yes!), so I decided to try one out.

Lodge sells two different double burner griddles: The double play, pictured above, and the "pro grid" which is 20 inches long and has handles.

I chose the double play because it was shorter and more likely to fit in my oven.

I found that it fit perfectly across the two gas burners. I preheated the pan so that the heat would be evenly distributed when cooking.

I tried it with pancakes and bacon, and am quite happy with it.

Since the griddle has no handle, and I'm used to using griddles with a handle, there was a bit of a learning curve. You definitely want to wear an oven glove on your other hand because the griddle will slide around a little when flipping food.

You also don't want to crowd the pan too much. Two pancakes at a time is fine, no more than three.

I purposely made a pancake in the middle to see if it was hot enough to cook, and it was.

I found it to be great for cooking four eggs at a time.

I conclude that if you have a gas stove, most definitely get one of these!

The double burner griddle is reversible, and has a "grill pan" on the other side.

As stated in a previous post, I'm not a fan of reversible grill pans due to seasoning issues.

However, I intend to primarily use this as a griddle. Perhaps I'll get another one to use primarily as a grill pan.

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