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Friday, July 30, 2010

cast iron heart shaped pan

I tried for 30 minutes to find a picture of this pan I came across a year ago, a cast iron heart shaped pan.
I wanted to write about it, but couldn't find a picture anywhere.

It wasn't from a brand I recognized, and I didn't buy it because I thought it was ugly.

The reason I almost got it, was I wanted some cast iron that would fit in my toaster oven without much wasted space. This pan was the right size, but I'm not very fond of heart shaped stuff. If it were round or square, it would have been perfect.

I still don't want to buy it-- I just wanted to write about it. And apparently I couldn't buy it even if I wanted to. I can't find it.

So what do you do with a heart shaped pan, besides obviously making heart shaped cakes for valentines day? I don't know, heart shaped cornbread or meatloaf?

You could use it in the toaster oven like I was going to, cook anything that can be cooked in a small skillet, reheat leftovers. Just like the pie pans.

I found that the pie pans, as well as the square baker, do fit in the toaster oven. So, no need for the ugly heart pan anymore.

Now I've been asked, why would I want to use cast iron in the toaster oven? Because I LIKE it!


  1. I'm with you. I don't like heart-shaped pans! Save the cutesy shapes for cookies, I

  2. They have a pan for sale on the internet with small heart shapes, for small pastries... but not from a brand I trust.

  3. Yeah, when it comes to cookware--especially cast iron--I believe in spending extra for quality. However, I won't go overboard. I mean, I can't bring myself to by Calphalon, even though it's what many chefs use. Mind you, I recently bought a very expensive blender, but it's a multi-tasker that has already replaced two of my other appliances; so in that regard, it was worth it in money and counter space.

  4. Oh yeah... spending $5 extra for Lodge over an off brand, Si. Spending $100 extra for Calphalon over Lodge, no!