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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the Lodge 12 inch deep, 8 quart camp oven

This is the Lodge 12 inch deep camp oven. It's 8 quarts.

The Lodge 14 inch regular camp oven is also 8 quarts.

Those are the only two 8 quart cast iron pots available, that I personally know of.

And they're both camp ovens.

Most cast iron indoor pots sold today, are 5 quarts or 7 quarts.

There might be enameled 8 quart pots, but I'm talking about regular cast iron.

For a while, there was a pot advertised as 8 quarts, but it was actually less than 7 quarts.

On a regular basis, pots are listed on ebay as "8 quarts" because of the #8 marking; Those pots are 5 quarts!

A Griswold #11 dutch oven, if you can find one, is 8 quarts. They are rare and expensive.

Occasionally I search ebay, only to find one for over $100 or more. No thanks.

After the year long fiasco of trying to find a 6 quart pot, and then finally getting one, I'm not sure I want to look for an 8 quart too.

What's the deal? Doesn't anybody like 6 and 8 quart pots? Why are they the red headed stepchildren?

Actually what prompted this article, was a member of a cast iron group I'm a part of, sent a message asking if anyone has an 8 quart pot they're willing to donate.

Well, yes I technically have one, although it's a camp oven. And no, it's not for giveaway.

But, because they're so hard to find, if anyone has an 8 quart pot they're willing to donate to ME?

I'm not very hopeful for a response to that. As if I need another pot.

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