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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Lodge round grill pan

This is the Lodge round grill pan. The above pan is 11 1/4 inches.

This particular pan was originally called a "top o stove broiler".

Its "burger capacity" is 3 medium sized burgers (1/3 pound each).

This pan, although it's still for sale as of this writing, is being discontinued and replaced by a 10 1/4 inch pan.

Other round grill pans Lodge has made in the past are here and here.

A Lodge employee told me that they changed the size of this pan because consumers with smaller kitchens in urban areas are requesting a smaller grill pan.

Also, the Lodge 10 1/4 inch lid will now fit this grill pan; Previously, there were no lids that fit Lodge grill pans. The pro logic round grill pan did have a matching lid, but that's been discontinued.

It should be noted that the 11 1/4 inch round pan, as well as the older model square pan, had pointy ridges that were spaced farther apart.

The newer model square pan, as well as the new 10 1/4 inch round pan, have short, square and stubby ridges that are flat and spaced closer together.*

*See my next article for a photo comparison.

The advantage is that you can make panini sandwiches with a grill press, without the pointy ridges poking holes into the sandwich.

I wonder which one is better for burgers, though.

I've been told that the new, shorter ridges make much better grill marks.

Maybe so, but appearance of grill marks isn't my first priority.

I plan to try making burgers in each pan soon. The proof will be in the pudding!

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