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Sunday, July 4, 2010

cast iron cooked burgers

Once you try a cast iron cooked burger, you'll never want fast food again.

Friends don't let friends use pre-made patties.

There are many recipes for burgers, but this is my usual recipe:

Use ground round*. Mix in chopped onions**, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, paprika, worcestershire sauce.

*I almost exclusively use 93% ground beef, but it doesn't hold together well for burgers.

**I later learned an additional step: Cook down the onions in olive oil before adding to the burger mix.

Optional: mix in an egg, or bread crumbs, or both.

OR, instead of worcestershire sauce, use V8, liquid steak marinade, or teriyaki sauce.

Form into patties, and cook on the stovetop in a cast iron grill pan.

You can heat up BBQ sauce, and brush on the burgers while cooking. Or add your favorite cheese just before they're done.

Normally when I do stovetop grilling, I finish it in the oven. Burgers and steak are an exception, since I like them medium rare.

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