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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Lodge straight sided muffin pan

This is the Lodge straight sided muffin pan. The molds make muffins that are smaller than a regular muffin, but larger than a mini muffin.

Medium sized muffins, if you will. You can make cupcakes, but they'll be smaller than the standard cupcake liners.

This pan can fit in most toaster ovens.

A small box of Jiffy muffin mix fits this pan. For a larger box of muffin mix, you will probably need 2 of these, unless you have a cornstick pan.

I'm normally one to "think outside the box" and come up with other uses for typically one-use pans. So what can you do with this pan, besides muffins, brownies, cupcakes and rolls?

Maybe meatballs, leftover batter*, or serving various dipping sauces.

*They used to make cast iron "leftover batter" pans, which were small pans used for just that, baking leftover batter that didn't all fit into the main pan. You can use a small skillet for that-- or this pan.

I just saw online, a "mini cheesecake" pan that looks exactly like a muffin pan. So you can make mini cheesecakes.

Another consumer reported making yorkshire puddings. I've never tried that before.

And someone else reports that he puts this pan on his electric range on low, and then glassware on top, so he can use glassware on his stove. Personally, I would not recommend trying that.

I just use it as a "leftover batter" pan, myself.

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