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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Creativity in the face of tragedy

I know my posts have become less frequent, due to a recent personal tragedy. The offshore drilling moratorium in the Gulf has cost us our job.

As a result, I'm not cooking new things as often, because we're finishing all of our leftovers first. But it has inspired a bit of creativity, using what I've got.

Today's breakfast is an example. I'm out of ham and shredded cheese, but I do have one leftover burger from night before last. See my "cast iron cooked burgers" post for my wonderful recipe.

I will break up that burger, along with a slice of swiss cheese, and scramble it in eggs.

I ended up adding some fresh spinach and parmesan cheese.

I think this would have been good with 93% lean ground beef, but I'd used ground chuck to make the burgers, so it was too heavy for me.

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