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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

using the volcano as a propane grill, take 2

So I decided to try the volcano as a propane grill for the second time, using my new burner.

I grilled steaks, marinated and seasoned the same way as last time.

The initial flame, when I lit it, wasn't as big this time.

The flame was blue, until I put in the center plate and it turned orange.

The company told me that's normal, because the center plate reduces the temperature.

I should have left it out*, but by the time I realized, it was too hot to remove.

*Here's what I've learned so far: you DO use the center plate for charcoal cooking, and put the coals ON the center plate; you DON'T use it for propane cooking, unless you intend to cook on low heat. I haven't tried it with propane using a camp oven yet.

I did notice fewer flare ups, but there were some; I don't think they can be completely eliminated.

It serves its purpose as a primitive, portable, hibachi style propane grill.

It still wouldn't be my first choice as a propane grill, but it works if you're tailgating or camping.

So, I stand by my original assessment that it's probably more well suited as a propane stove.

Now I can try camp oven cooking over propane*, which is the reason I got this in the first place!

*Don't use it for camp oven cooking over propane. Read my article to find out why.

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