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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

new propane burner for the volcano stove

My first time using the volcano stove, was as a propane grill.

As I cited some problems with using it, the company contacted me and said to send the burner back for a replacement, since they believed it was defective.

There was a defect where the regulator connects to the burner, and it was also their "old style" burner.

The old style burner has an adjustable valve at the bottom, so you can adjust the flame.

I found it very difficult to adjust without burning myself, since the flame has to be on, the valve is UNDER the burner, and must be tightened by a metal thumb screw.

Anyway, they abandoned that design, and the new style burner has no such valve.

They had to eliminate the valve in order to get CSA certification, which means, meeting Canada's safety standards to be legally sold there.

So I tested the burner tonight, and found that it indeed produces a blue flame.

It also didn't have that initial huge flame burst when I lit it.

I still think there should be a way to light it from the side-- an "access hole" on the side of the stove itself-- instead of having to reach in there.

So now I need to try it as a propane grill again, and see how it works this time.

For the record, the BTU for the new burner is 19,500.

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