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Saturday, September 24, 2011

First use of the volcano as a propane stove

I've used the volcano as a propane grill; Today was the first time using it as a propane stove.

You can't really see the eggs in the pan, due to the sun's glare.

That was before the yolks broke. I hate that!

I cooked the bacon, and the eggs 2 at a time. I prefer to only handle 2 eggs at a time, when flipping. Scrambled is faster of course, because you can cook more at a time.

You can see where cubed potatoes would have also fit in there, for hash browns, but I didn't have a potato.

Anyway, this time I did not use the volcano's "center plate", which reduces heat.

I'm still learning the ins and outs of this thing, but I've found that when cooking with charcoal, it's better to use the center plate and put the coals on that, instead of the coals on the bottom without the center plate. Otherwise, it doesn't get hot enough.

And when you're using it for a propane stove or grill, apparently you do NOT use the center plate, unless you intend to "slow cook" on low heat. Because, it doesn't get hot enough!

I haven't tried it using propane and a camp oven; I imagine you'd need the center plate to support the pot, but what about temperature?

That's what I'll have to find out*.

*Even with the center plate, it was too hot for slow cooking in a camp oven. Don't do it.

I predicted that the volcano is better suited as a propane stove, than as a propane grill.

It is a good propane stove. It does work as a propane grill too, just wouldn't be my first choice.

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