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Thursday, June 24, 2010

vertical poultry roaster - aka "beer can chicken"

This is a cast iron vertical poultry roaster. It's a fancified "beer can chicken" rack-- of course, much more sturdy.

It's meant for roasting chickens, and infusing it with whatever flavor you happen to put in the well - beer, soda, spices, marinades, etc. I've used garlic and beer. It makes the chicken healthier, for obvious reasons.

It's marketed as a "whole meal" pan, since you can use the bottom part for your side dish, such as roasted vegetables or stuffing. You CAN, but keep in mind that all the fat that drips from the chicken, will go right into your side dish. Which might make it tasty, but incredibly bad for you!

Consider that a whole chicken from the meat department can cost $2 to $3 less than a whole roasted chicken from the deli.

If you eat roasted chicken once a week, this pan could pay for itself in less than a year. Not to mention you can toss your flimsy "beer can chicken" rack-- this pan works on the BBQ grill too!

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