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Friday, June 18, 2010

Thinking outside the box - melting pot

This is a Lodge melting pot, which at first glance, doesn't seem like it would be useful for much. The volume is 14 oz, just under 2 cups or 1 pint.

The Lodge "sauce kit" is this same pot, along with a small brush and booklet.

The Lodge 5 inch lid fits this pot.

I found that a standard can of Campbell's soup just barely fits in it (filled to the rim; I'd rather have a little room left over with hot soup!)

It's meant for melting butter and cheese, heating pancake syrup, scalding milk, reheating sauces and gravies, making hot dip.

And it is great for that purpose! It goes from stove to table, and the contents stay hot longer than in a dish. Use it on the BBQ grill for sauce.

But, I always like to think outside the box and see what else I can do with it!

This melting pot solved a specific problem for me. I love malt-o-meal, but every time I tried to cook a single serving in the microwave, it ALWAYS spilled over and made a big mess. This pot is just the right size for a single serving of malt-o-meal, and now I don't have to clean out my microwave each time!

A standard box of muffin mix does not all fit in my aebleskiver pan, which I normally use to make muffins. So, use the melting pot for the remaining batter, to make one big muffin!

I've also used it to reheat a single biscuit in the oven. Do be careful using this pot in the oven though; make sure it's balanced adequately on the grates, or it will tip over.

Others have reported using it for poached eggs, eggnog, oatmeal, and browning onions/garlic. You could certainly reheat a single serving of soup in it; It just doesn't quite hold a full can.

Just for the record... no, I do not sell cast iron. I just have a passion for it, that's all!

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