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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the volcano jr.

This is a volcano jr. I don't have one, and they're discontinued so there's no way to get one.

The company is talking about bringing them back, if they think it will sell.

It's meant for smaller pots. It can fit a 6 inch camp oven, or an 8 inch.

Note the support brackets in place to fit the 6 inch oven; For an 8 inch, you don't use the brackets.

It does not use propane; It only uses charcoal or wood.

It came with a grill top, to use as a tiny grill or stove.

It sure is cute. I'm not sure if I'd have use for one or not.

I wonder if you can use a 6 inch camp oven on the regular volcano.

I imagine you can. I guess I better try it sometime and find out.

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