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Friday, September 9, 2011

"liquid gold"

The recent advertisements for velveeta cheesy skillets, features a Lodge 12 inch cast iron skillet.

It portrays a blacksmith, calling it "liquid gold!"

Previously, since it reminded me of hamburger helper, I was not planning on trying it.

But, since the advertisement featured a Lodge skillet, that actually motivated me to try it.

You do need the Lodge 12 inch lid, as well as the skillet, to make velveeta cheesy skillets.

Just follow the recipe on the box.

I picked the cheeseburger macaroni, and added my own bacon bits.

I used 93% ground beef, which is what I use in all dishes calling for ground beef, except burgers.

It wasn't bad! I found it to be better than hamburger helper.

Not exactly something I'd cook every day, but not bad either.

See? Including Lodge skillets in your commercials really does work-- at least for one purchase, anyway!


  1. So it was still hamburger helper just a little better or alot better?

  2. I'd say it was better than hamburger helper... which isn't saying that much. Not something I'd cook every day, but better than hamburger helper.

  3. I personally think making it with very lean ground beef makes it better. But that's just me.