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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The can cooker challenge, part 2

My last post was about the can cooker; I am trying out their website's recipes, to prove that anything you can cook in a can cooker, you can cook in a cast iron pot.

This is a modified version of their ribs recipe, cooked in my 9 quart pot:

Full rack of ribs, pork or beef - I used beef back ribs.

Add Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, one quartered onion, minced garlic*, and 2 cans of beer.

*minced garlic, or whole garlic cloves.

Let the ribs steam in the beer for about an hour. Remove, place on a cast iron pizza pan, add your favorite BBQ sauce. I used KC masterpiece.

Place under the broiler until done.

The ribs were awesome. As with the seafood dish, I don't know if they would have been better done in the can cooker, but probably not; the cast iron pot worked wonderfully.

As for the can cooker's featured vented locking lid, which lets steam escape: With the cast iron pot, the steam escapes through the side of the lid.

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