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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Using multiple small griddles to make the same dish in different ways

Hi there! I'm so excited that I just started this blog today, and already on my third post! Like I said, I'm very enthusiastic about cast iron cooking. I won't promise it will be like this every day, but I will strive to post at least once a day.

While I was preparing my ribs, I was reminded of yet another great advantage to using cast iron-- specifically, using multiple small skillets or griddles. Since you can fit several of them in the oven at the same time, you can cook your dish 3 or 4 different ways, all at the same time!

For example, I've been known to take 3 chicken breasts, and marinate each one in something different, such as teriyaki sauce, pesto, and barbecue sauce. Then I place each one on its own small cast iron griddle, and pop all 3 in the oven.

So today I'm making beef spare ribs. I have four small slabs. So I marinated one in Heinz 57, one in teriyaki sauce, one in Worcestershire sauce and one in liquid steak marinade. Each will go on its own preheated small griddle in the oven, after it's grilled on the grill pan.

As I said in my first post, when I do stovetop grilling, I cook the meat in the grill pan until cooked on the outside, then finish off in the oven to ensure that it's cooked all the way through without charring.

I once thought that small skillets and griddles would not be much use. Boy was I wrong!


  1. Gotta love those small skillets! Amazingly versatile, which is surprising given their petite dimensions.

    Which size is your favorite?

  2. I'm not sure I could pick just one! I love them all!

    It all depends on what I'm using it for, actually.

    For main dishes I usually reach for the Lodge 12 inch sloped skillet, which has less volume than the regular 12 inch skillet.

    I really like the 10 inch sloped skillet for sides... like the 12 inch sloped, it has less volume than the 10 inch regular.

    For reheating leftovers in the oven, usually the 10 inch griddle (and then I eat right off it, like a plate!) Or the 9 inch for small amounts.

    For eggs, the 8 inch griddle. That's my "egg pan."

    For gravy, the 8 or 9 inch skillet.

    For baking fish or chicken, the 12 inch square griddle.

    For stews and soups, the 4 or 5 qt dutch oven.

    Um... I have way more cast iron than anyone could ever need in a lifetime... Believe me you do NOT need the amount I have!

  3. You should see our collection! There's always room for a real "find," even when the cabinet's full. LOL