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Friday, June 18, 2010

Reheating leftovers in the oven

One thing I do just about every day with cast iron, is reheat my leftovers in the oven.

I prefer that to using the microwave, because unlike the microwave, the food turns out evenly heated and crispy!

I usually use one of my small griddles, and then just eat right off it, like a plate. That way, the food stays hot longer.

For reheating soups, I use a 6 inch cobbler pot, which is big enough to hold a standard can of Campbell's soup. Those pots are sold in pairs, by Sante Cabin.

Lodge usually sells a 10 inch griddle, but I was able to find smaller ones online through a restaurant supply retailer. Also, Sante Cabin sells 6 inch griddles in pairs.


  1. You are really sharing some good ideas!

  2. Thanks! I plan to share each and every idea I come up with, for at least the next year. Stay tuned!