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Sunday, June 20, 2010

My designated brownie pan

This is the Lodge cornbread wedge pan. It's meant for making just that, cornbread wedges, and it's said to cook the cornbread faster due to more heat from the partitions. I've officially declared this my "brownie pan", since I love brownies with edges on them, and this is perfect for that.

At first I complained about the hole in the middle of the pan, which renders it useless for anything except baking; If not for the hole, you might be able to use it as a grill pan or small broiler pan.

Someone suggested that the hole might be to prevent too much heat from scorching the tips of the cornbread wedges. I later found that the hole has no purpose; It's just decorative.

And still, there's no reason not to try and find other uses for it. I've made wedge shaped biscuits before.

You could make meatloaf wedges, or heat various flavors of dip on the stove.

You can make scones.

One night I decided to try fried apples, by putting an apple slice in each wedge. I'm sure it might have worked, had I not forgotten it was cooking on the stove. It took me days of scrubbing, to get that charred apple off my poor pan! A word to the wise: Never forget that you are cooking!

No, I have not yet made scratch brownies. One day I will. So far, I've just used the duncan hines mix. And it's got to be duncan hines!

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