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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lodge Signature Series?

Pictured above is the new Lodge Signature Series cookware.

It is very pretty... and, pretty expensive! It was created to compete with All-clad, Calphalon, and other fancy expensive lines.

It has marine grade stainless steel handles, marketed as "cool to the touch"; Consumers report that while it's cooler, you still need a potholder.

It's for oven or stovetop use.

Nothing indicates whether it can be used outdoors, but the handle rivets are silicone coated, so I'd assume not*. I wouldn't use a $100 skillet outdoors anyway.

*A Lodge employee told me that outdoor use is not recommended.

Also, nothing indicates that this cookware has the benefits of enameled cast iron, such as no seasoning required, suitable for glass cooktop*, or rust resistant. So, I would assume not.

*Apparently it can be used on glass cooktop, but it does need seasoning, and it can rust.

It is a clever marketing strategy, since some insist that high quality cookware has to be expensive.

I've been scoffed at, for claiming that my $20 Lodge skillet is as good as their $120 Calphalon.

Besides the cooler stainless steel handles, there is no difference in quality between the traditional line and the signature series. Just the price.

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