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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Lodge cornbread kit

This is the Lodge cornbread kit. It comes with the Lodge 10 inch square skillet, a potholder and a recipe book.

Some people call it a "cornbread skillet"; I would call it an "anything skillet." You can cook just about anything in it!

Some people like the square corners because it's easier to fit bacon, french toast, or lasagna noodles. And cakes baked in this skillet, end up square instead of round.

Other than the shape, it's exactly the same as a round skillet. Neither is better than the other; It's just personal preference.

Sometimes it's hip to be square!

But as long as I'm here, I'll include a simple recipe:

Cut up red potatoes into cubes. (And whatever other veggie you like).

Put them in this square skillet. Sprinkle on rosemary and tarragon, then spray olive oil flavored Pam. Into the oven at 350.

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