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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Emerilware 5 in 1 smoker?

This is an Emerilware 5 in 1 smoker. I have no current plans to get one; It's discontinued.

Originally it was called a 4 in 1, with the claim that you could grill, broil, roast, or smoke. Later they changed it to 5 in 1, with the added ability to fry, although no additional equipment was added-- you could always fry in it. For that matter, you can BAKE in this pan too (cornbread, lasagna), making it a 6 in 1. And because it has a rack, you can STEAM as well as smoke, making it a 7 in 1.

The lid doubles as a grill pan/broiler pan, so there's your grilling and broiling capability.

And the pan itself is a 12 quart rectangular cast iron roaster, which can also be used to fry, and bake.

Then there's the smoking rack. The rack is not cast iron, though; It looks like the rack from my toaster oven, and reportedly not very sturdy.

It's marketed as an "indoor smoker". The caveat is, you have to buy special woodchips made specifically for indoor smoking, which are more expensive. If you use regular chips, your house will fill up with smoke.

Of course there's no reason you can't buy the regular woodchips and just use the smoker outside... except for the price of the pan. It costs $125, plus $20 shipping; You're paying extra for the proposed convenience of an indoor smoker.

They essentially took a 12 quart dutch oven, threw in a toaster oven rack, called it a "5 in 1 smoker" and doubled the price.

If you want a cast iron smoker, a more economical alternative is the ultimate dutch oven by Camp Chef, or its cousin the ultimate turkey roaster, which was discontinued.

Both are dutch ovens with a convection cone in the center, and come with a cast iron smoking rack. If you want to smoke indoors with it, you can always buy the special wood chips. And guess what? You can roast, bake, fry, grill, broil and steam in it too!

Just for grins, I did try to put my toaster oven rack in my 7 quart dutch oven. It didn't fit because my dutch oven is round and the rack was rectangular. But I found a round bread cooling rack that works.

Presto, a multipurpose indoor smoker!

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