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Friday, June 18, 2010

Dollar value

Cast iron isn't the cheapest cookware available, but it's hands down the best dollar value.

Compare the benefits of cast iron, to those of any very expensive brand. You will find that there's not much difference except the price!

Pampered Chef stoneware, for example. Like cast iron, the benefits are even heating, heat retention, food turns out crispier. But, I've never had a cast iron skillet crack in my oven! Not only is cast iron cheaper, but a hundred times more durable.

What gives it even greater value than its durability, however, is that because it can be used on the stovetop, AND the oven, AND outdoors, each piece of cookware is a minimum of 2 pieces in one (usually 3 or more). For example, a skillet is also a roasting pan or baking pan; a pizza pan is also a griddle or outdoor hibachi.

Let's look at the Lodge 3 quart chicken fryer, pictured above, which costs about $30. Besides a chicken fryer, you also have a 3 quart saucepan, a 10 inch deep skillet, a roasting pan, a baking pan, a 3 quart dutch oven, a covered casserole dish, AND something suitable for outdoor cooking. Where are you going to find all of that for $30?

OK, so it can't be used in the microwave. But I don't do much "microwave cooking" anyway-- in fact, I prefer to reheat my leftovers in the oven. And cookware suitable for the oven and microwave, such as Pyrex, certainly can't be used on the stove, or for outdoor cooking.

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