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Saturday, June 15, 2013

What do you do for a lid for the Lodge 15 inch skillet?

What do you do for a lid, for the Lodge 15 inch skillet?

There is no lid that is sold today.

So you either have to search ebay for a #14 skillet lid, which can be very expensive.

Or, you can use the Lodge pizza pan as a "makeshift" cover.

It doesn't cover it perfectly, and doesn't form a seal.

But, it's better than nothing.

Perhaps a 16 inch camp oven lid will work too; I haven't tested it.

But the 16 inch camp oven has been discontinued, so if you want one, then hurry.

Incidentally, a friend of mine has stated that she intends to use the 15 inch skillet as a pot pie pan, since she doesn't have a lid, and you don't need a lid for pot pie.

Now that would be one heck of a pot pie!

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  1. I ran into the same problem owning a vintage #14 cast iron skillet. The solutions I ve come across so far are lids for jambalaya pots or paella pans. The jambalaya lids look more substantial. Basically oversized stockpot lids. Hope this helps! JB