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Monday, November 1, 2010

the Lodge 16 inch camp oven

If you're not a collector, this article will bore you. This is the Lodge 16 inch camp oven.

It had been discontinued in 2000, but was brought back in 2003 by popular demand.

Before it was discontinued, it was 14 quarts.

But by 2003, Lodge had moved all of their casting to a machine, called a Disamatic.

So a new pattern had to be made, that the machine could accommodate.

This pattern was for a 12 quart pot.

So, the 16 inch Lodge camp ovens made before 2000, had more volume than the later models.

That would also explain how the 17 inch skillet replaced the 20 inch skillet in 2002.


  1. Where did you get this info on the different oven capacities?

  2. I believe from the Wagner and Griswold Society. Don't tell Lodge that, though... they get insulted if you bring up a competitor's name, even though the competitor is no longer in business.