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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

brownies in an 8 inch square pan

This seems like something silly to write an article about.

After all, aren't brownies usually made in an 8 inch square pan?

Well, maybe, but I've never personally made brownies in my 8 inch square cast iron pan.

Since I've switched to cast iron, it's always been the wedge pan*, or a cornstick pan!

*Read more about the wedge pan here.

And I've been looking for ways to use my 8 inch square pan, which I don't use much.

So, there you go: brownies.

Be sure the mix you're using, calls for an 8 inch pan. Some require a 9 x 13 pan.

The mix I'm using tonight is from Sam's, and it's Hershey's ultimate chocolate.

I will say, it's more convenient to use that pan. Spooning the brownie mix in the individual wedges or corn molds, can be a pain, although I do like the edges.

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